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Jaydee Faire

UFO Catcher dolls for sale

Hey there~

I've got two Naruto Shippuden UFO catcher dolls that I'm looking to unload; I'm not a Naruto fan and they don't get along with my Advent Children dolls >_>; I won them out of a SEGA UFO catcher machine-- their tags specify that they're for 'prize redemption only,' and they aren't found in stores. (I also haven't been able to find any similar dolls online.)

First is a Gaara doll with an adorable little frown: ebay link
His kanji mark is screenprinted but the eyes and mouth are embroidered on pretty nicely.

The second is Kakashi, and though his hair leaves a little something to be desired: ebay link
I discovered something last night while messing around with him: underneath his bandanna, instead of just a blank space where his other eye would be, the makers actually embroidered his, (um) *checks wikipedia* Sharingan eye, complete with scar.

Lemme go!

I was delighted at this attention to detail :D

Bid on one or both, but please give them a good home so Sephiroth and Kadaj stop hitting them ;_;

Thanks for looking :3

UPDATE: I went back to the U-Catcher today and got the doll that I thought was Iruka, but apparently is actually Shikamaru. I had already taken this picture before I realized who it wasn't... so you can pretend?

Anyway, new dolls:
Shikamaru (who I thought was Iruka but... isn't)
Neji (who I thought was Hinata but is, you know, a man)
and Naruto (who is pretty hard to mistake for anyone else).

And that completes the set, at least of the dolls featured in this particular U-Catcher :3

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